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05 December 2005 @ 04:41 am
yeah. probably the best part of my day was watching the America's Next Top Model marathon on VH1. I was a bit upset because they replaced my homie Janice Dickinson with Twiggy. Not that Twiggy isn't like, the fashion icon of the world, but dude, it's JANICE. come on now ppl.

I rest my case.

Anyway, I only have a couple things to say about it. The only thing that pisses me off about the show is that the girls care too damn much about relationships within the house and they don't realize that they can become like,a freaking supermodel.That always pisses me off because I would give anything in the world to be on that show, and they are idiots about it. I want Bre to win, kthxbye. And when Lisa got eliminated, it like, pretty much for me ranks with the firing of Omarosa on The Apprentice, and the cutting of Wendy Bitchface, I mean Pepper, on Project Runway.

Sorry about that little tangent, its just that those stupid girls really abuse the opportunity, and THAT is what gets me the most.

And just a little rant. I feel terrible for ranting about this, but I can't help it. In our ballet performance thing, Miss Christine had said that she wanted to feature everyone and give everyone a featured solo. And yeah, i play the evil mother of the evil kid. But like, dude. Victoria (you guys know her, she's one of those kids who comes to all the shows at school) she has a bigger solo than i do. What the hell? I'm not sure I undersand that but I'm not going to complain because I'm plenty happy with what I have to do in school haha. <3.

Speaking of which, Pippin read through tomorrow!!! i cannot fucking wait its insane. I think its because Pippin has eaten my life.

Oh, and its quite sickening already, can George and Meredith PLEASE hook up like sometime in the next couple episodes? Im getting a little sick of McDreamy and his wife. And George is adorable. And can't they get rid of that bitch Olivia? Ugly syph whore, she IS a walking STD, well, basically.And I fucking love Izzie. Yeah, and I don't think DH was terribly significant, except for the bitch/whore nun (who isn't that hot) and the Bree doll, that was fucked up, yet completely unsurprising. And Betty, and someone else realizing that Susan IS in fact a whore.

And as for IMness, it doesn't get much better than this.
waywardsoul777: dammit janet
waywardsoul777: i mean hi jen

much <3
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Yeah, that was the funniest thing Ms. Crochet has said...ever. I told y'all it would be my title.

So, I exercised some self control yesterday and didn't go on the computer after dance last night, which made me not be able to write about my very amusing day dressed as, well, a wannabe Restoration Theatre actor. My outfit was crazy awesome, everyone's was, and everyone changed except me and Brooke, and it was fun to see what kind of stares we got. I have pix on my phone, and Ms. Pero took a picture of me with Seta's fish pillow...and when I say WITH Seta's fish pillow..basically, Ms. Pero wouldn't take the picture if i wasn't doing something semi obscene with the fish. I must apologize to Seta's fish. But yeah, the ppl at Boston Market were laughing at me and talking about me in Spanish, but I don't care, cause I'm cooler than they will ever be. I'm gonna have those as my MySpace pix when I upload them.


Theatre games night tonight! w00t, can't wait biatches!
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01 December 2005 @ 02:41 pm
I applied to Boston Conservatory! w00t.

Only Marymount, and the Common App (Fordham & Muhlenberg) to go!

World Aids Day today. I read the most interesting article in Dance Magazine about HIV positive dancers and what its like for them and stuff, it was really good to read.

I couldn't find my letter to Ms. Pero anywhere in my email account, so I wrote it again. I'm going to post it here sometime.

I finished my Hartt School Supplement too! w00t again. I really don't have a lot of college stuff left. It's nice.
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30 November 2005 @ 05:29 am
Boston Conservatory, or even college in general, is going to kick my ass.

In the words of a very smart and observant friend of mine, "Why do you like, whore everything...MySpace, Live Journal?" I am the whore of the world. I am the biggest whore you will ever meet, and I guess its typecasting when I've been a whore in every show ever. Pippin is no exception, except now I'm a whore with lines and an ulterior motive, and a song! tee hee.

its one of those strangely happy moments. but, nonetheless, the word happy is included in there, and I will enjoy it.

N/t= Holy crap! Poor Christian...and of course, POOR KIMBER, i feel so terrible for her. And Quentin...who is still hot i will not deny him that...is fucking ridiculous. Sean needs to stop being stupid and do something of importance because he is boring me. And Julia needs to stop sleeping with Quentin the slut. And Vanessa Redgrave is like, the best actress ever in the world, if they kill her off N/T, they WILL suffer. OK, well, maybe not that much, I'll still watch it and looove it.

aah, i said i wouldn't write that much about N/T and not waste ppl's lives.

sorry about that one.

lator my gators.
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28 November 2005 @ 02:20 pm
Whee!! I get to go to the Pippin Production Meeting.

I feel incredibly special.
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27 November 2005 @ 06:24 pm
Last night I had dream...I was in a desert called...CYBERLAND

No just kidding. But i did have a dream last night. I'll post the convo I had with Erika I had about it, cause i'm too lazy to type it again.

xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: when i had my dream, you were the first person who i thought to tell
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: you'll love it
NYC Thespian: oh yay.
NYC Thespian: im honored dahling
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: k, so idk how this came about. but i was on tour doing Rent as the Mimi understudy...and everyone from the original cast was on the tour too
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: so then, as I was Mimi's understudy, I obviously had to know Adam Pascal
NYC Thespian: ahhhhhh
NYC Thespian: adammmmmmmm
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: so Adam and I were talking, and we kept getting to know each other. and, of course, how could you not be in love with him
NYC Thespian: oh man
NYC Thespian: will i hate you for this?
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: maybeeeee
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: so we start talking and stuff
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: and we're rehearsing in NYC. so like, not only are Adam and I like, flirting, but Anthony Rapp is following me around too lol
NYC Thespian: omg YAY
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: i know right!!
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: so yeah, Adam and I go out and take walks all around the city. And he like, writes me romantic stuff and its really sweet
NYC Thespian: O
NYC Thespian: M
NYC Thespian: G
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: i know!!
NYC Thespian: can i please be there
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: so then he goes away for awhile
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: and then Anthony starts pursuing me hehe
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: and then I'm like, no, i love adam
NYC Thespian: haha you turned him straight!
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: fucking awesome, right?
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: and so then Adam goes away, and when he comes back, i find out that he's been wooing the Maureen understudy the same way as me, and I get all upset
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: and then I start dating Anthony Rapp (i wish! not like it would ever happen) and then I woke up
NYC Thespian: hahha
NYC Thespian: thats awesome
NYC Thespian: omg
NYC Thespian: adams
NYC Thespian: wife
NYC Thespian: is
NYC Thespian: SO
NYC Thespian: UGLY

cut to later in the convo

xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: whoa, hold it up? Wilson Jermaine Heredia is straight?
NYC Thespian: yeah
NYC Thespian: ...or so he says...
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: get out of town
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: oh eww, Anthony Rapp's bf is so ugly
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: i wanna be a man and be his bf
xBoRiNgScReEnAmE: i could look so much better

yeah. that was fun.
otherwise, the other fun part of the day was Seta, Gahl, and Adam coming over to rehearse directing. Fun stuff. And yeah, I'm looking for a bootleg of the Rent movie so i can watch it over and over and not have to go to the theatre and pay money. God I love that movie. I think I went through withdrawl cause I didn't see it today lol.

And damn it, why am I not a gay man? Because that's all I will ever be in love with, gay men. Talk about sexual frustration. And to add to the category of who I will fall in love with

-Gay men.
-Married Men.
-Older men.
-Straight women.
-Married women.

Yeah, that's my life. Oh, that, and in voice lessons, this whole new side came out of me, Reegan nammed her "Opera Girl." I didn't ever have that in me. I sang Someone Like You from Jekyll& Hyde and I Could've Danced All Night from My Fair Lady. And she wants me to buy the Young Woman's Book of Musical Theatre, or something like that, it has all the stereotypical young women's Musical Theatre staples. We'll see how it goes. And I went over Spread a Little Sunshine...I gave in and listened to the recording to learn the doo doo section at the end, and the Fastrada on the recording is weird and doesn't sing what's written, I hate her, whoever she is.

Anyways, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy soon. And then, I guess some school work lol.
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26 November 2005 @ 09:48 pm

Which Character from Rent are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

As far as Rent goes...third time's the charm. Fucking love it, I can't stand how much I love it. It sickens me that I will probably see it again tomorrow. I'm a little like the original Rentheads that would practically live at the Nederlander and see it like 25 and 30 times, except I'm cheap and ghetto, and can only afford to see the movie 25 times for 8 or 9 dollars each and not the show for like 100. And I also love how me seeing Rent 3 times is more than I've went to the movies this whole year. And I just adore the Seasons of Love from the movie. It makes me not tired of hearing it over and over. I think it's Tracie Thoms' singing the second verse. It gives me chills, just like the whole show.

I just love Rent. Everyone should learn it's lesson. No Day But Today.

Again, text me or call if you have Verizon, lol...I want to make more of an effort in general to call ppl or talk to ppl, so let me know, cause then i can talk to you for free.

*Slaps self* Snap out of it Jen! You need to be memorizing and being off book and reading your libretto, not crying over Rent. Stop!!

Oh, you've got to, you've got to remember the love
You know that love is a gift from up above
Share love, give love, spread love
Measure, measure your life in love
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25 November 2005 @ 09:23 pm
Awesome day. My dad bought my mom a new laptop in the Black Friday madness, so then, when he realized I needed a new one too, we went into the frenzy that is Paramus today looking for one. Instead, I got a new phone!!!! I'ts awesome, camera (pics and video), Bluetooth, just awesome like whoa, and I switched to verizon, so i can talk to anyone unlimited who has Verizon, and I can do unlimited text messages to all those with Verizon.

So let me know if you have Verizon, we'll be able to talk and text a lot more lol. Give me a call hehe.

Saw Rent again today. I went with Sam and we had a lot of fun. That movie never gets old. I think I'm going again tomorrow. w00t. i wanna see it everyday ever. It will never get old. Ever.

Tired as hell. Its been so eventful. Now, im going to play with my new camera phone!! yay! And I can finally text message again. Its so nice after it was turned off when I had T Mobile. Then people would hate me for not texting them back, and it was because I actually had it turned off on my phone. But yeah, this'll be fun.

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24 November 2005 @ 09:13 pm
Well, although I'm not a vegetarian, I figured I would give a shout out to all those who were.

Today was nice. We went out to Donna and Bob's and had the most amazing meal EVER. I don't think I can eat for another 2 days. The food was so nice and it was so nice to see them.

I watched the parade this morning, except I missed my friend who was in it, cause i slept through the beginning and I think she was in the beginning, and then I left too early to go to Donna and Bob's to see her on the float with santa. I hope she doesn't kill me.

I'm going to see Rent again tomorrow. Because I can. And I want to.I might go to Route 4 and see Rent at the matinee, and sneak into HP if i can, because I very well may be the only person in the world who hasn't seen it yet. And, my mom and dad want to see it. My dad is busy tomorrow, so I'm taking him on Saturday night and my mom on either Sunday or next week so that i get the excuse to see it again and again. My mom asked me why I liked Rent so much. And I couldn't think of just one thing. I mean, i just enjoy every part of it. Artists everywhere can relate in so many ways, and its so moving, and real and beautiful. And the music. You just get so attached. Honestly, idk why i love it so much, but i do.

I've decided to go shopping tomorrow for the hell of it, Paramus is going to be a freaking mad house EVERYWHERE, but its cool if i get up early enough. Anyone up for meeting me somewhere, i hate shopping alone sometimes. I'm gonna wake up SO early. I may even be out by, gasp, 6 or 7 in the morning. haha, we'll see. but yeah, i want to go Christmas shopping early so that I can spread out my money and my time.

What am I thankful for? MY FRIENDS, number 1. They are the most amazing people ever. They are so supportive of everything, and they're always there for when i wanna bitch or complain, and for everything ever. I don't think i've ever loved ppl more than my friends, and I hope that they know that.

My family, and just the fact that I'm a person that has found what i want to do and that I love it so much. And that I'm happy doing it, even though it doesn't always go the way i want it to. At this moment, I'm sooo thankful for the fact that I at least get one chance to shine in high school, I'm so thankful for Pippin (i never thought i would be saying that). I'm thankful for the fact I will be in college soon. I'm thankful for Nip/Tuck lol. I'm thankful that I have my health and that I don't have any monumental problems in my life. I'm also thankful for the Academies, no matter how ridiculous it gets sometimes. And yeah, I can't think of anything else right now, and I know there's more.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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24 November 2005 @ 12:45 am
so yeah, just got in from seeing Rent...what a great end to an amazing day.

i went into school this morning to work on college crap, and of course the cast list was up. And I like, went to go see it, and like 500 ppl like jumped on top of me. so i had assumed that it was good news. i screamed so loud i think ppl heard it around the corner. so then dr. strum saw me and said how well i did and how proud of me she was and how much i had grown, and it was so nice, i wanted to cry.

then, finished the college crap i had, and JQ was in school too, and we talked about the cast list and how Leading Player is split between him and Jess...but i liked them together at the callbacks. I thought they had a really cool thing going on, them being so different. i totally liked that. and i was a little bummed that it didn't turn out being the Me/Donny/Brian triangle for Fastrada, Lewis, and Charlemagne. But I'm so happy Jon got it, i can't believe we have to be married lol! what a pair we are. and Charles is having like, IT Computer geeks following him...Does that mean i sleep with them too? Who don't I sleep with?

Not to mention all that...but I'm also on Staff as a Choreographer (me, John and Seta as usual) and then I'm in dance ensemble when I'm not Fastrada. this is going to be an insane show. The concepts are Mindfuckie (yes i just made that up thanks very much). My mind is totally fucked after reading that cast list, I can't believe SHE CAST EVERYONE. this reality tv thing, i hope it works for her and our sake, cause i know when we met in CCT that she had the weirdest ideas flying left and right and none of them were cohesive and made any sense. i have much faith in her, but i hope she's got it under control

And speaking of getting things under control, I carried my Libretto all around the city today memorizing. I have the callback scene memorized, duh, cause i read it 302849 times. and then i was working on the scene with Spread a Little Sunshine. i love playing the villain!

pippin rants and ravesCollapse )

today, i hate public transportation, as it is the day before thanksgiving. I had to stand all the way from Hackensack to NY, which sucked. Then i stood on the subway, and like, everywhere, lol. but at least im home. and I really enjoyed Rent. I mean, I'll enjoy anything that has to do with Rent. Don't click here if you haven't seen RentCollapse )
Oh, and the trailer for Take the Lead played! Why, you ask, do I care? Because Antonio Banderas playes Pierre, yes, my mentor at American Ballroom. Pierre is like, famous, and this movie Take the Lead is about his life (its like, fiction, but based on fact) but I can't wait for it to come out cause it'll be a big deal for Pierre and for ABrT, and I will love to be there when it is a big deal. But anyways...i'll totally be back seeing Rent like, as many times as one person can go.

I've felt every emotion today, from extreme happiness to crying my eyes out...and most inbetween. And this is a very long entry.

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Call me if you want to hang out, I may actually not be busy.

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